You can use Radiesse® Moderate Fill .8cc in the same way as hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers to correct your patient’s wrinkles and add volume to their facial features.

Ideal for: reduction of aging signs; correction of facial fat loss; deletion of severe-looking facial lines; correction of marionette lines; correction of smile lines; correction of frown lines; correction of chin wrinkles; lifting of sagging skin.

The calcium-based microspheres in Radiesse® act as a scaffold, allowing collagen to form and maintain the skin’s structure for longer. This makes Radiesse® longer-lasting than other dermal fillers, lasting a year or longer in most patients.

Active Composition:
Synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite

Form & Contents:
1×0.8cc prefilled syringe, 2 sterile 28G3/4” TW needles


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