FILORGA® M-HA18® is a sterile, viscoelastic, clear, colorless, transparent, isotonic, biodegradable and injectable gel. It is composed of non-animal sodium hyaluronate, obtained from biofermentation.

It is intended for replenishing the loss of hyaluronic acid due to aging. It is designed to improve tone and elasticity of the skin and/or to act as a filler for small lines such as crow’s feet, smile lines or smoke lines surrounding the mouth.

Most patients find they need to return for a follow-up FILORGA® M-HA 18® cosmetic treatment about every 6 months to a year to maintain their rejuvenated skin.

Active Composition:
Free Hyaluronic Acid (18mg/ml)

Form & Contents:
2x1ml prefilled syringes, 4x30G 1/2 treatment needles


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