Brand: Allergan

Juvéderm® Hydrate is a sterile apyrogenic, physiological solution of hyaluronic acid gel, which is not of animal origin. It is a great way for your patients to improve the texture of their neck, decolletage, hands or face, when the volume of regular fillers is not needed.

It instantly plumps up to about a thousand times its size with moisture, rehydrating the skin and smoothing out wrinkles and other texture issues for smoother, more refreshed-looking skin.

Skin hydration and rejuvenation effects last up to 3 months. It is recommended not to repeat treatments more frequently than every 15 days.

Active Composition:
Hyaluronic acid gel (13.5mg/ml), mannitol (9mg/ml)

Form & Contents:
1x1ml prefilled syringe, 2 sterile 30G1/6” needles


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