JALUPRO® 2x30mg/3ml + 2x100mg

Jalupro® is a dermal filler made of sodium hyaluronate, but it has the added benefit of the amino acids.  Jalupro® is intended for the correction of defects in the following areas of the face: nasolabial creases; increase of the lips; crow’s feet; wrinkles at the sides of the lips; acne scars; glabella wrinkles; frontal wrinkles; increase of the cheek bones.

The anti-aging effects will last for 6 months, but this can be extended if your patients return for a treatment monthly.

Active Composition:
30mg sodium hyaluronate, 3ml water for injection, 50mg glycine, 376mg L-proline, 54mg L-lysine monohydrochloride, 7mg L-leucine

Form & Contents:
2 vials with 30mg of sterile Sodium hyaluronate, 2 ampoules with 100mg of a mixture of freeze-dried amino acids


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