Desirial® Plus contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid which is made using IPN-Like® Technology. It contains mannitol, used to reduce the side effects of injecting hyaluronic acid, namely, redness and swelling.

Desirial® Plus is for peri-menopausal, menopausal and those of reproductive age with a predisposition for moderate to severe hypotrophy or atrophy of the labia majora. This cohesive gel is used to treat imperfections of the vulva, as well as functional disorders including vaginal atrophy and moderate to severe symptoms of lipoatrophy of the labia majora.

Treatment lasts for at least 6 months, but usually for approximately 1 to 2 years. Results are usually visible immediately.

Active Composition:

IPN-Like cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (21mg/ml)

Form & contents:

1x2ml prefilled syringe, 2x27G1/2″ needles and 1x18G cannula


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