Silhouette SOFT® 8 Cones

Silhouette Soft® instalift device is a special suture for a non-surgical facelift. The suture is made of polylactic acid which gradually dissolves, leaving behind natural collagen growth, with bi-directional cones made of lactide glycolide. These cones help to keep the threads in place. Silhouette Soft® has 8 cones spaced 0.5cm apart on a 30cm long suture.

In skin that does not have severe sagging, the sutures lift and tighten skin. It is most suitable for patients in their mid-30s to mid-50s for locations such as the mid-face, cheeks or cheekbones, facial contours, jaw line, eyebrows or neck.

Results last up to 24 months.

Active Composition:

Surgical strands of poly-L-lactic acid with molded cones made of lactide/glycolyde

Form & Contents:

5 packs x 2 sutures


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